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PingPlotter Free Edition 1.20

Ping Plotter Freeware is a ping and traceroute analysis tool
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Ping Plotter Freeware is a ping and traceroute analysis tool. It can be used for both short- and long-term analysis of latency. The application can trace any IP address or domain and show you a complete analysis of all the hops that a connection makes to get to the specified host. This is all very technical. Basically, the application assesses how fast your computer can communicate with another computer and all the stops (hops) that your attempted communication makes before it reaches another computer.

There is a graphical representation of the traceroute on the right part of the screen. It is color-coded. If most lines are green, that means that the PING was between 0 and 200 milliseconds. Ping Plotter Freeware can also measure packet loss, though it told me that I had 100% packet loss in 9 out of 15 hops, which is alarming, if true.

You can set the number of times to trace and the delay between traces. You will notice that the traceroute operation updates regularly. The application keeps a log of every single operation and it gives you an average PING response time. This tool is ideal for troubleshooting a connection, if you know what to look for.

José Fernández
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